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  World-class product procurement begins with a commitment and passion to deliver an unmatched level of quality control and inspection programs designed to ensure that the right product is delivered accurately in each and every transaction. At Prima, we continue to lead the way in developing and implementing quality control programs designed to protect clients from substandard or imitation parts found on the open market, by identifying these questionable materials and keeping them from ever reaching their critical forward supply chain.

Vendor managed programs: We research, prequalify and continuously maintain our vendor sources around the globe to ensure that products received are procured from safe and reputable sources

Systems controls: We monitor and grade our suppliers on an ongoing basis. This helps us identify any potential problems or concerns early in the product procurement process.

Rigorous inspection process: Products received in our facilities must pass an extensive three-step inspection process before being received and prepared for shipment.

Continual training: With constant changes in technology and product manufacturing, continual training is provided to Prima inspectors to keep them up-to-date with the latest manufacturing trends, industry best practices and counterfeiting techniques.

Spot quality control testing: Prima is continually improving its quality control process by conducting periodic self audits, randomly testing product samples and sending materials to an independent third-party testing vendor to verify findings.

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